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Vintage Clothing App

#UX #UI #mobiledesign

Voila is a vintage clothing sales app that allows users to buy and sell their vintage clothing.




Since the main functionalities have already been decided by the project scope, I will be responsible for designing the user flow to ensure the proper usability of the functionalities.

  • Creating a profile

  • Uploading items to sell

  • Leaving reviews for other sellers

Project Duration

  • 2 Weeks

Project Scope

  • Competitive analysis

  • Usability heuristic research

  • Paper and digital wireframe

  • High-fidelity prototype

Additional functionality:

  • Follow seller and hashtags

My role

  • UI/UX Designer

Competitive Analysis

Usability heuristic research

There are many fashion e-commerce out there that allows users to buy and sell their own items. After conducting my research on eBay, Neimen Marcus and Facebook, I found out that they all share some similarities, and they are:

Gestalt Property or Law of Grouping

  • Law of Proximity

  • Grouping objects into a single area

Usability Heuristics

  • Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

  • Accelerators like suggestions and recently viewed items

Repetition, Pattern, and Rhythm

  • Regular Rhythm

  • Using grid to display Items

Targeted Demographic

My target demographic for the Voila app is young, and users often have experience with resale clothing e-commerce such as eBay and Amazon, so I wanted the experience to be similar to these apps.

User Flow


Sketches & Wireframe

Adobe XD | Rocketbook

First, I sketched out the screens on paper, and then I created the mid-fidelity wireframe using Adobe XD.


Design System

The color palette for this project is based on the color brown to represent vintage. The font Raleway provides good readability to the product and the unique design suits perfectly for a fashion app.

voila color.png


Letting users know about our special #hashtag features and providing suggestions for a personalized homepage with “Just for you” to enhance the shopping experience.


Manage your listings

Sell & Manage


Saving Favorites

Saving interesting items, following sellers, and hashtags makes shopping much easier!



Leaving a review after a purchase



The project was developed during the Career Foundry UI design course. The project scope is to create an online store. I decided to create a clothing store because shopping online has become very popular. I thought I’d challenge myself to create something that is very common and learn to create one myself. In fact, I learned a lot from the competitive analysis. Even though I shop online very often, I don’t pay attention to the UI as much when I’m the user. That being said, understanding user behavior and conducting usability tests are very important when I’m creating any product.

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