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by Dancers Connect LLC

Danceapply is a web platform that simplifies and improves dance audition submissions for dancers and theaters

The first in the world of ballet

Danceapply is a platform that simplifies the outdated audition registration process for ballet students, professional dancers, schools and companies


  • Students audition to enter ballet classes.

  • Dancers audition for job openings.

The Team (7)

  1. Founder

  2. Founder + Backend Engineer

  3. Backend Engineer

  4. Backend Engineer

  5. Frontend Engineer

  6. Product Designer (Me)

  7. Product Manager

+ Ballet Advisor

(Director of Pittsburgh Ballet Theater School)

My Job

  • Secondary research

  • User research and interview

  • User flow

  • Design System + Chakra UI

  • Wireframes (Mid-high)

  • ​Prototype

  • Email Templates

  • Pitch Deck (For investors)

  • Sales Deck (For ballet organizations/companies)


  • Figma

  • Github

  • Notion

  • Slack


The audition registration process is outdated

  • Students audition to enter ballet classes.

  • Dancers audition for job openings.


In person registration + Travel

Paper registration form

Pay in cash

Printed photos (40+)

Ballet Schools:

In person registration + Travel

Boxes of registration forms

Lots of cash


Visit individual websites to seek jobs

Theaters seldom use common job boards

User Interview

We asked 20 ballet students


Age: 18-21
Ballet Experience: Since 5-6 years old (avg)
Applications per
 year: 20-30 applications


  • I can't believe there isn't a website like this already

  • Repeatedly writing the same information

  • Printing 20-30 of the same pictures

  • Having to look up conventions so I can go and apply for the schools I like

  • I spend a lot of time looking for auditions to apply for

  • I paid for, the website is really bad, doesn’t have that much information

  • I would like to view new auditions on my phone but I will use my computer for the application process

Time consuming

Need to travel


No centralized platform

User Interview

Director of Pittsburgh Ballet School - Marjorie Grundvig

and a few ballet teachers

We want to make sure our platform can provide services that are closest to their usual audition process

Application Questions and media collection

  • Pose shots

  • Short dance video clip

  • Application templates

  • Dance experience questions

  • Fees

They usually judge multiple students at once

  • Instant decision

  • Adjust decision

  • View their profile on the spot

Over 20 audition locations & 1000+ students

  • Filter location for the day

  • Age group

  • Classes they signed up for

  • Gender

The Answers

Major features to simplify the registration process

For students, organizations, companies, and dancers

Major features for students and dancers

  • Filter by school or dance company location/audition location

  • Register to all partnered schools/companies online

Supporting features for students and dancers

  • Auto save their answers on the applications

  • A record of all of their application

Major features for organizations and companies

  • Digitalize registration

  • Application template + custom questions

  • Media uploads

  • Online payment

  • Judge audition + export record

Supporting features for organizations and companies

  • Custom organization/company page

  • Write notes with the judge decision and scholarship option

MacBook Pro 16.png


Example of a few challenges along the way

there were many more


The video submission deadline is often a few months longer than the in-person audition deadline. 

  • How do we display the application deadline if they are created under the same program?

  • Schools must fill out the same program information twice if they create the in-person audition and video submission separately?


There are many different audition locations in one program
How do we let teachers sort the student data? by date? Or by the state?

  • What if there is more than one audition in one location?

  • What is the create audition flow look like on the form? (in- person/online/Time/date/address/name of the studio/age group?)


Do we allow organization change any of the audition information after the audition is published? (Before/ after receiving the application)

  • If we don't let them at all. What if they have a typo?

  • If we let them, we will keep the answers submitted but the questions will change?


We want to let teachers judge their auditions on our website
What information do they need?

  • How do we make it easy to use during the audition with all the actions happening?

  • How can they export that information afterward?

  • What information do they need to record after judging?

Mac Studio.png

What I learned and still learning:

  • Working on something you don't know it's always a fun challenge!

  • Communication is key

  • Don't be afraid of criticism! Together we build better designs and make better decisions for our product


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