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Call Assistant
NDA Internship Project

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The personal call assistant app is designed to help people who conduct calls for businesses. The app allows an easier way to capture calls, client information, and tasks with customer relationship management(CRM) integration. 

*This is not a full project

*To comply with the 5-year NDA on this project, the company's name & logo will be modified. Any confidential information of this company and this project will not be disclosed.

My role.

UX Researcher. UI Designer


5 month industrial internship program provided by Springboard

Frame 1.png

Product Status.

Shipped - Subscriptions only

Scope of work.

User Interview, Heuristic Evaluation, Usability Testing, Wireframes, Prototype


Figma, InVision




The Problem.

People who conduct calls for business often have many clients. Sometimes it might be hard to keep track of the client's identity, the content of the last call, and all the other information. 

The Goal.

The goal for this app is to act as a virtual assistant on their phone. To help targeted users keep track of clients' information, contents, and important documents and tasks.

My Job.

The overall product was close to finish, and I was the first UX Designer to join. My job was to help validate the solutions they had come up with, add the necessary elements, and polish the product before it launched. 

The Team.

The headquarter was in San Mateo, CA. I was working remotely with a small team, including the CEO himself.



Target Audience.

People who conduct calls for business such as bankers, real estate agents, business strategists and more.

Existing Solutions.


Incoming caller ID with notes:

Caller information, notes, and call history for your contacts or CRM. Notes from the history of your last call, to their favorite sports team.

It helps users identify the incoming caller and reminds them of their latest conversation, provides the user and their client peace of mind, shows care of their relationship, and leads to successful business.


Effortless note taking:

In-call voice-notes and hands-free post-call summarization, conversation details stored instantly in one place, on CRM. Users can review call recordings by keywords, to ensure 100% accurate recall of the conversations.

It helps users avoid unorganized notes, multiple notepads, losing important information about their clients.


Call recording and transcription:

Record important calls automatically or turn it on during a call. Transcription allows users to read and export the transcript.

It helps users recall conversation and record important calls when needed.

Pain Points

I conducted a quick round of user interviews to identify their pain points to validate the existing solutions. I asked eight people and here is the summary of what they have in common:


  • Hard to recall clients' identities immediately

  • Encounter moment of silence because they have to search for clients' file

  • Client's with the same or similar names could get confusing.

  • Hard to multitask and risk of missing requests and information

With these insights, It validated that their existing solution will be helpful to our targeted audience. After that, I performed usability tests with the same participants using the prototype provided to address what needed improvements.

Usability Test

The usability test consisted of 4 tasks to test out the onboarding process with settings and all of the existing solutions.


The onboarding process and reroute call settings:

  • 3/8 unable to finish the setting and dropped out

    • Text too small and a lot of reading

    • The settings are too complicated. I can't recall the instruction.

    • Keeps going on and on, never-ending


Incoming caller ID with notes:

  • 8/8 satisfied with the feature

    • Don't have to pretend they remember their last conversation.​

    • Never forget whom they're talking to


Note-taking/ Voice notes:

  • 6/8 satisfied with the feature

    • No more panicking when looking for clients' file

  • 2/8 unsatisfied with the feature

    • No search bar to search within notes​

    • Can't type much in a small screen


Call recording/ Transcription:

  • 6/8 satisfied with the feature

    • No more panicking when looking for clients' file

  • 2/8 unsatisfied with the feature

    • No search bar to search within notes​

    • Can't type much in a small screen


Having to join the team at the end could be challenging. Still, I have to pick up the pace, understand the problem they are solving, and validate their solutions.  I had to make sure that the user pain points and their existing solutions aligned before I could provide additional improvement to the product.

Heuristic Evaluation.

Potential Improvements.

In my second meeting with the team, I presented my heuristic evaluation report and pointed out potential improvements for the current app. 

  • The onboarding process was long.

  • The thumb zone for ease of use.

  • The option to switch call recording on/off during a call was missing.

  • A search bar in messages to search within a conversation.


The app needs to be set up through the phone settings. It requires users to route their incoming to the product, so the setup process is quite complicated, and there is no way around it.


The app requires a good amount of time to set up. Since we can't decrease too many screens of the process, we should consider the following:

  • Implement bigger fonts and simplify the instructions screens.

  • Decrease the cognitive effort and skill level that is required from the users.

  • Add a progress bar showing how close the users are to their goal.

  • Goal: Prevent drop-out rate before users reach their goal.

*The process could decrease from 12 screens to 8 screens.

The Thumb Zone.

Since our targeted users are businessmen and they are constantly on the go. I suggested moving the recording button from the right to the center to be reached easily with one hand.

Bottom Bar 3.png
Bottom Bar 2.png

Call Recording.

Having the option to switch recoding on/off during a call.

Group 18.png

Call button on the client's message screen

The green microphone icon indicates the call is being recorded

This icon indicates that the recording is off for the call

Search Within Conversations.

Users can search within conversation using the search bar on top of each client's message screen to avoid scrolling through a long list of messages.


Second Round Of Usability Test.

After the presentation, I took some time to create a prototype for the usability test. I made several wireframes and worked with engineers to talk more about constraints and whether my suggestions could be implemented or not.


The onboarding process is still a bit long, but I had a 30% increase in success rate than my first usability test, the drop-out rate went down. Users were able to finish the onboarding process without going back and forth from settings to the app to follow the instructions. Besides the onboarding process, all the changes I've made proved beneficial to our targeted users.


After presenting my notes and results at the end of my internship, I didn't get a chance to check if all of my suggestions were implemented or not because I don’t have access to the product anymore. But I've checked on their official site, and it looks like I've successfully made some impact on improving the product.


  • 3 out of 4 of my suggestions implemented

  • The record button is centered.

  • Call recording button added.

  • Search bar added.

What would I do next.

I'm confident that I could make the product even better and easier to use if I had more time. I could spend more time talking to various users with different levels of tech-savviness and make sure I'm designing for all users.

Key Learnings.

During this short internship period, I learned the importance of communicating with different teams and understanding various aspects and constraints of the product. Without that, it doesn't matter how well my design is if it can't be implemented. Also, presenting the reason behind my suggestions was crucial; I learned to show proof, facts, and data. Not everyone understands UX; that's why I was there. I learned back up my suggestions and told him what would improve for his product and why. Working with different teams and finding proves to back up my ideas are the key learnings from this project.

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